eLearning Lesson Controls

Lessons should play automatically once the lesson link from the MBS Survey eLearning website is selected. If not select the Play     icon.


A bottom toolbar is available, if it is not visible mouse over the bottom of the lesson window for it to appear:


Toolbar Controls:

Play/ Pause


Mute/ Volume Control: All lessons have audio, which should play immediately the lesson is started. If the audio does not play, check your main computer audio settings.

Scroll bar and lesson time: Drag the timeline to the required lesson time.


Captions: Off/ On. All lessons come with the audio captions displayed.



Table of Contents: Select this to search in the caption text. Select the item you are interested in from the search window to move straight to that location in the lesson.








Playback speed: Select the required playback speed from the drop down list.  Default is ‘Normal’.


Full Screen: On/ Off.


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